2001.4.20 OPEN

NENE is the state bird of Hawaii. The US government decided to place them
under protection because they are in danger of extinction. Only 500 of them remain. They are such charming geese
that when Sanae learned of them she decided to sing as NENE again.







Trees, birds, fish, and spirits... If we could communicate with them as a matter of course; if we could expand our awareness to include their lives, we would become more sensitive to our own feelings of joy, pain, and sorrow.

When Nature and our hearts become as one..., we will be able to become like her. Each of us would be more unique.

Sanae Nene is a pioneer of this way of living. Liberating her sensitivity in her forties, she reentered high school, then went to the community college of Maui in Hawaii to study. As a student there, all of a sudden she got a prize for her writing of her life story.

As her life comes into a new season, she wants to share the essence of her life. She is not only a singer by nature, but also a being who spreads
a vital shower of love!

Why don't you go talk and sing with her to be aware where you are in the journey of spiritual growth.

The Summer Solstice 2008/6/20