Daiary 1
u My room mate called Yes!v

"Hey, I saw dozens of dolphins again yesterday. Yesterday was especially wonderful, because a newly born baby dolphin still had its navel attached. The mother dolphin placed it on her fin and showed it to me." My roommate and the designer of this house, told me about what happened at the beach yesterday as I went to the kitchen to make lunch.

He's into kayaks and every weekend takes his kayak from this mountainside house to the ocean and seems to be blessed with encountering whales and dolphins. He showed me an oar which had broken when it had been knocked by a whale. He says he really feels their love.

"How big is a newly born dolphin?" I asked him.

"About this big," he said as he pointed to my 25 to 30 cm cutting board. He says that yesterday he held on to, and swam with a dolphin.

Only vegetarians live in this house, and of course fish is taboo. They says they don't use milk or cheese. I don't eat meat, but it's not that I don't like fish. But when I decided to live here, I was told the house rules when I moved in,and agreed to abide by them,so I only eat vegetables in this house. I can't even use bonito flakes so I gave them to a friend. "We don't want you to bring dead animals into this house." Being told that, I realised that fish are also animals. I gave up buying Nagatanien's salmon chazuke and switched to a vegetable one. Anyway, it's clean and doesn't attract flies or cockroaches.
Including myself, there are seven people living in this two-storied house. Upstairs there are three men and one woman-myself. The primary reason I chose this house is because of seeing its bathroom. Maybe it's because the bathroom of the house I'd seen before it, was so incredibly dirty. I was relieved to see how clean this house's bathroom was.

Coming here to Maui, I've come across not only vegetarians, but fruitarians. Even my roommates eat alot of fruit. Because bananas, papayas, lilikois(also known as passionfruit) and coconuts are growing so close at hand in the yard, I think that even my concept of food has changed quite a bit. I've come to eat fruit in the morning. I, who wasn't in the habit of eating fruit in Japan, was probably not fond of it. But now I've come to think that bananas and papayas are delicious in the morning. It's probably because of that, that my constipation has been cured.

Yes doesn't want to eat anything that needs heating. He even puts that Hawaii specialty-Macadamia nuts raw into water overnight, and eats them as is. I remember that soaking them makes peeling easier and that I was able to enjoy them as they were. He's also growing vegetables himself. Amongst all the people I know in Maui, he is one of those who eat the most fresh and succulent vegetables. He's quiet and simple, and when he talks of his girlfriend his eyes sparkle like a young boy's.I think it must be because of what he is, that the dolphins want to pal with him.

Diary 2 "The Alarm Dog"

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