Water Prayer on Maui Island

The Summer Solstice 2008/6/20, Hawaii

Celebration for the Love planet earth

6:00 AM
(meeting at the gate of parking lot at Twin-Falls.)
At sunrise - Blessing water for Twin-Falls.

5:30 PM
(meeting at the lower parking lot of Haleakala park.)
At sunset -Offering water from Mt. Fuji in Japan to Mt. Haleakala.

8:00---10:00 PM
Candle-Night Music at Love Star Maui lodge (private house).
52 kula Hyw, Kula
(After 18 mile marker at box 52 on the left side go up to the steep short drive way)

Free of charge (Donation appreciated)

Our Concept
To heal our Planet Earth with sacred water and through blessing.

We dedicate sacred water collected at Mt Fuji, Machu-Picchu. and Galilee for Mt Haleakala and other sacred place on Maui Island.

Kahuna  LeifOhu Ryder  http://www.leiohuryder.com

Inquiries   Sanae Nene sanaenene@hotmail.com

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